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with Keyboard Encounters by Yamaha

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“Fun Keys” keyboarding classes present popular piano teaching methods with catchy rhythms, melodies, and chord progressions that students love to practice. The class is divided into practice sessions, working on Essentials and performing with the Ensemble. Students discover the musical patterns and learn to intuit what’s coming next. They enjoy working at their own pace and playing in a group while building their confidence with each song. Ms. Carolyn teaches students how to practice with level arms and curved fingers while strengthening muscle memory playing the repeating patterns.
“There is always at least one song in all of us, waiting to get out”  Ms. Carolyn

Vienna Waltz
Vieena Waltz - What a Girl Really Wants
What a Girl Really Wants

Fun Keys with Keyboard Encounters by Yamaha playlists:
PlayNSimple Level 3 and Keyboard Encounters Video Excursions

This is an exciting time. PlayNsimple videos are constantly appearing on my Carolyn's YouTube Channel Channel. These practice repetition videos keep the “how to’s” of reading music, theory, technique and expression fun. Watch the PlayNsimple practice video "Vienna Waltz - What a Girl Really Wants" and learn chord structures spanning across three skill levels.

Fun Keys Prep with Keyboard Encounters by Yamaha
Location: Colorado Community Centers; Ages: 10 - 16
Price for four classes: $30.00 Resident plus $10 material fee; Class Size: 4 - 15 students
This class prepares students for Fun Keys Ensembles. Students learn to practice repetitions in rhythm with audio and video accompaniments.
Wake Me When September Ends
Geri's Game

Fun Keys Ensembles with Keyboard Encounters by Yamaha Modules 1 - 6
Colorado Community Centers, studios and homes. Price for four classes: $60.00 Resident plus book and material fees; Class Size: 2 - 8 students

Fun Keys Ensemble III
Ages 9 +
Fun Keys with Keyboard Encounters Kids by Yamaha
Fun Keys with Keyboard Encounters by Yamaha

Students learn the essentials of piano music on a Yamaha Portable Grand piano and they learn to use a weekly checklist. Students take twelve to twenty four months of instruction to complete the Keyboard Encounters by Yamaha six module course.

Fun Keys with Keyboard Encounters by Yamaha Module 1

Reading in C position, five finger melodies, and left hand chord shells. As always students will find their physical motions in rhythm develop hand and hand with their musical expressiveness.
Surprise Symphony
A La Française
Module 1 includes the following Pieces: Fingerobics 1 - 8, Two Hand Jam, Play It Together, Rainbow Cross Hand, Ode to Joy, Let's Boogie, German Dance, Solo Flight, Chopsticks, Play It Together Waltz, Touch Sensitivity, Marianne, and Piano Man.

Fun Keys with Keyboard Encounters by Yamaha Module 2
Broaden your view of C position by expanding your hand. Here how much more expressive music is when you add the F shell. Learn several ways to get around the keyboard by using the C major scales, chromatic and arpeggios of that scale
Count Basie - Count On The Blues

Silent Movie
Module 2 includes the following Pieces: Fingerobics 1 - 7, Sinfonia, Carousel, Dilly Dilly Ditty, America The Beautiful, Into the Sunset, Left Hand Plays The Blues, Siamese Cat Song, Etude in G Country, Etude in G Classical, Au Clair de la Lune, Largo from New World Symph, Come Count Time, HowToSingARound, Flight Bumblebee, and Bumble Boogie.

Fun Keys with Keyboard Encounters by Yamaha Module 3
read in the treble clef melody line and an octave higher. add eight notes to increase temp twice as fast. read chords that are blocked, open and broken and play in A minor


Diablo Loco
Module 3 includes the following Pieces: Left Hand Blues, Held Note Blues, Held Note Blues, When The Saints Go Marching, Galaxian, Galaxian March, Wedding Fanfare, Daydreaming, Sailor's Dance, Jamaica Farewell, Play It Together A Minor, Survive Exercise, Gypsy Dance, Rock'n Rhythm, and Old Castle.

Fun Keys with Keyboard Encounters by Yamaha Module 4
Module 4 introduces new exercises that will get your hands ready and new etudes to help grasp the mood of the piece. There is an expanded extras section which offers several musical experiences with piano technique. There are Classic and Romantic performance choices.
Dance of the Knights
London Symphony Orchestra

The Cold Hearted Giant
Module 4 includes the following Pieces: The Magic Flute, Swanee River, SinFonta Duet, Tarentella, SinFonta Classique, SinFonta Romantique, Cborale, Piano Roll Polka, Arabesque, German Dance, Gavotte, Old French Song, Ecossaise in G, Moonlight Sonata, Alexander March, and America the Beautiful.

Fun Keys with Keyboard Encounters by Yamaha Module 5
transpose c major to d major and parallel minors. read d major, g major, f major and Bb major. they be swinging their eighth notes and adding the seventh to each chord for 4 note jazz chords.


Peck Pocketed Level 3
Module 5 includes the following Pieces: Arabesque Student, Arabesque Ensemble , Piano Man , Aura Lee , Home On Range , The Trout , Little Minka , Calliope, Chopin Prelude , Chopin Orch, Cello Player, A Musical Ode, Joshua, Parade, Greensleeves, GermanDance, and CanCan.

Fun Keys with Keyboard Encounters by Yamaha Module 6

Play 20th century music, jazz and experience modal music. New chord progressions (I6 4 and V7 of V) and new keys (A major, Eb Major and C minor). This module includes Sonatina (larger more challenging work), and Learning to Play It My Way.
Wake Me When September Ends

Geri's Game Level 3
Module 6 includes the following Pieces: Ragtime Sampler, Entertainer Duet, Stars & Stripes, Swanee River, Coloring In C Major, Whistle While U Walk, Jingle Bells, The Worms, Funeral March, Royal March, A tude, A tude, Carousel, Lightly Row, Mode Sampler, Clowns, Hungarian Song2, When the Saints, Mixn Match Blues, Sinfonia Jazzique, Concerto A Minor, Circle Etude, Clemnt Allegro, Clemnt Andante, Clemnt Vivace, and Black Is The Color.

Fun Keys students practice with keyboards from Yamaha and others. Students experience different keyboard actions including Yamaha's Graded Hammer which helps strengthen student's fingers. Ms. Carolyn helps students match the piano fitting their age, experience and desire.